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BioAnalysis Scan

What is the BioAnalysis Scan?

A Non-Invasive device that connects the Body (Bio)to a sensitive electrical probe which receives information (feedback) about a wide range of functions and levels in the body.

How Does it work?

The device collects over 30 different analysis reports of the body including:

• Vitamin & Mineral deficiencies

• Environmental Toxicity

• Organ and blood functionality

• Allergy/ Sensitivities

$185 For 1 Hour  – Learn about your body in Minutes!

In our appointment we will:

  • Review your BioAnalysis Report following the non-invasive scan
  • Discuss the areas of concern and improvement
  • Explore recommendation options tailored to you

Say Yes to Your Health!

“I looooveed every part of this. I have always had a love-hate relationship with my doctor but Leah is so knowledgeable and allows mw to feel confident in my ability to take better care of myself.”

I did the BioAnalysis Scan and was amazed at how detailed and accurate it was. Leah is extremely knowledgeable and helped me to interpret the results and apply their meaning in a that makes sense to me.

I was Skeptical at first, but the service was better than expected. It confirmed a lot of things I already knew but it was great for me to see what else I can do to help myself.


Learn more about your body in MINUTES.

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