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    Healing Minerals Bath Soak

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    Healing Minerals Bath Soak

    How is your body feeling? Tense, stiff and exhausted? Our Healing Minerals Bath Soak holds the key to your much needed relaxationIt's magnesium-boosting properties aid in the repair of body tissue and alleviates muscle aches and pains.

    The essential blend of Epsom Salt and Himalayan salt which exfoliate and cleanse the skin; along with the botanical blend of oils and natural fragrances is what makes our healing bath soak a great choice. Not to mention,  you have the option to  infuse your bath soak with a special healing ingredient, CBD oil.

     This Soak puts the 'M' in Moisture & Medicinal. Your skin will thank you!

    Enjoy our Lavender & Orange for a vibrant and uplifting experience and our Lavender & Eucalyptus  to whisk you away to dream-land! 100% Natural Ingredients| Non-GMO| Hand-crafted | No Synthetic dyes or fragrances | Cruelty-Free

  • Steep Me: Herbal Bath Tea

    Calming | Soothing| Refreshing

    Our selected herbal blend will invoke an unforgettable experience. Infuse your bath with this relaxing herbal & floral blend  to restore and rejuvenate your body. As you steep in your bath, enjoy the amazing aroma of lavender and chamomile;  the healing properties of  plantain leaf and witch hazel and the regenerative effects of the yarrow flower and rose petals. Treat yourself and someone else to this amazing product. Your body will thank you! Paired well with Healing Minerals Bath Soak. 100% Natural Ingredients| Non-GMO| Hand-crafted | No Synthetic dyes or fragrances  
  • CALM: Healing Body Butter

    $15.00$30.00 Excl. Tax

    HAEL's CALM: CBD Infused Healing Body Butter

    From our new line of  natural, organic skin products. Try our CALM :Healing Body Butter. If you love the smooth, refined texture of body butter but experience occasional aches and pains, this is the product is for you. This hand-crafted body butter is not only nourishing to your skin but has a very powerful, medicinal ingredient -Full Spectrum CBD oil  (this is an optional selection). Enriched with Vitamin E, jojoba oil, hemp oil and a sensational essential oil blend.


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