This is an introduction to our wellness community.

The purpose of H.A.E.L is to make a difference in YOUR life (no cliché).

Why Health?

I believe that one’s awareness of their health status is very crucial to living a productive and wholesome life.

For as long as I can remember, I had a fascination with the medical field. As a young girl, I would sit attentively and watch shows like: Untold Stories of the E.R., A Baby Story and other Health-related documentaries. After watching these shows, I would be filled with inspiration and would say, ‘I’m going to be a doctor one day’. It knew that healthcare was definitely my calling.

Fast-forward to post-secondary, I was accepted into the University of New Brunswick/Humber Collaborative Bachelor of Nursing program. I completed my studies in 5 years and was ready to take on the healthcare field by force. I was so excited to be a Registered Nurse and thought this would be it for the rest of my life.

How did I get here?

I found my true calling in life when H.A.E.L Wellness Inc. was born.

Fun Fact:

H.A.E.L stands for Holistic Approach to Everyday Living. It is also the my first name spelled backwards!

Working in the health care field exposes you to so many health challenges that are faced in our communities. From Mental health to Infertility; I have cared for so many patients who were suffering with debilitating ailments. I’ve seen medical Units packed beyond capacity and the hospital becoming a revolving door for others. This seemed to be an epidemic. In my studies, I learned that majority of the health conditions we come across are linked to heredity and lifestyle choices amongst other factors. However, society has been directed and in some cases misguided through marketing campaigns to consume a certain diet, buy specific brands and subscribe to a specific way of healthcare.

Very few people knew about holistic wellness and the endless benefits it could bring to their lives.

Disclaimer: I am not discrediting conventional medicine. However, based on my experience, we as health care professionals can really optimize patient health outcomes by utilizing holistic therapies and treating the whole person.

This led to self- reflection, am I even healthy? What have I been feeding myself and my family? Am I engaging in activity regularly? Am I even coping well with life stressors? Why am I tired all the time? The Questions continued to flood my mind.

I realized that I can be in my patient’s shoes at any moment if I continue leading a life with no health goals and lack of maintenance. I had this epiphany as a new mom and I was trying to figure out where to start. I knew that I had the knowledge, capability and was passionate about my community and their state of health. So I took a leap of faith and started this wellness business.

Why Us?

I know that the wellness journey is not always going to be perfect (Even for me). However, it is important to never give up; pick up from where you left off and get help when needed.

Having a plan for your life; especially pertaining to your wellness should be a priority.

My passion is to help you reach your optimal self!

I believe that one’s awareness of their health status is very crucial to living a productive and wholesome life. Without knowledge of where you are on the health spectrum, how do you make the necessary adjustments to improve your overall health?

The Answer:  H.A.E.L’s Integrative, Individualized Program.

H.A.E.L Women’s Wellness Inc. offers services tailored to your individual needs that will help jump start your health and empower you to live your best life!

Holistic. Happy. Healthy!

I invite you to join our community and learn more about your mind, body and spiritual well-being. We believe that these three components are interconnected and formulate the fibers of your overall health and wellness.